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CUA 13th Annual Meeting
Speaking to a capacity crowd of about 100 Urologist, Dr. Kaufman reported that the CUA has had an active year in helping members with audits, regulators, fraud and abuse, Medicare problems, COLA and CLIA.  He stated that the most challenging area is dealing with private insurance companies. The CUA can assist members in getting recognition for modifiers and with payments for biopsies and ultrasounds. He summarized by saying that the CUA had several successes but  needs more encouragement, feedback and support of Urologists.  Click here to contact Dr. Kaufman.

President, Jeffrey Kaufman, M.D., addresses full-house at CUA 13th Annual Meeting in Palm Desert, CA during the Western Section AUA Annual Meeting held in November. Seated to his right are President-Elect, Phil Wise, M.D. and Treasurer and Western Section AUA President, Dan Nachtsheim, M.D. Seated to his left is Secretary, James Mooney, M.D.


Political Rally in Sacramento with Legislators Leads to Rate Increase

On behalf of the CUA, President, Jeffrey Kaufman, MD, attended the CMA Leadership conference in Sacramento April 26, 1999 to participate in discussions with state legislators about a number of such concerns. One major point had to do with MediCal's unreasonably low reimbursement rates. California ranks 47th in the nation in Medicaid payments and 50th in MediCal managed care reimbursement despite the fact that the state surplus this year will be over $12 billion dollars. A good old fashioned political rally on the front steps of the capitol that day made the news, brought out many legislators to stand with us in solidarity and finally prompted Governor Davis to announce plans to increase MediCal rates 17% (including a 40% increase for ER services). This was not nearly as much as the 25% increase that we had requested, but it is a start.


CMA Seeks Urologist for Referral List
The CMA is seeking specialists who would be willing to see a legislator or their staff on short notice should they need a referral from a urologist. This list will be kept confidential by the Government Relations Division of CMA. If you are interested, please call Kathy DeSantis at the CUA office (714) 550-9155 or Mary Campbell at the CMA (916) 444-5532.

15 New Members Approved at 13th Annual Meeting:

Jeffrey W. Csiszar, MD, Hanford
Dino DeConcini, MD, Beverly Hills
Anand M. Dhanda, MD, La Mesa
Barry P. Duel, MD, Orange
Robert L. Gray, MD, Thousand Oaks
Ramin Khalili, MD, Pasadena
John Medica, MD
Dan M. Milanesa, MD, Salinas
Bernard D. Morris, MD, LaJolla
Christopher K. Payne, MD, Stanford
Paul V. Polishuk, MD, Escondido
Robert Yan Qingwei, MD, Oakland
Russell G. Sarver, MD, Laguna Hills 
Deepak Sheth, MD, Upland
Paul Turek, MD, San Francisco

Press Releases

These are the press releases we've issued over the last year. You may want to search for topics by keyword.

July 31, 1999  -- Press Release 1
November 29, 1999 -- Press Release 2


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